About Us

Unique Solutions

Postural Innovations offer unique solutions for 24 hour postural management. We are a team of neurological physiotherapists providing postural assessment, manufacture of positioning aides and recommendations for bed positioning and seating.

Postural Innovations are a specialist provider of positioning devices which are specifically designed to help restore symmetry, reduce secondary complications and optimise function.

We provide free, no obligation on-site assessments within metro Melbourne to assist in prescribing the most appropriate device for an individual’s needs.

Australia wide distribution is available. We regularly provide guidance and arrange product trials through email correspondence with a treating therapist.


Positions adopted in bed or wheelchairs can be potentially harmful and cause further disability. Postural management aims to optimise an individual’s position over a 24 hour period.

Benefits of correct positioning include:

  • Reducing neurological influences such as spasticity and involuntary movement
  • Improve skeletal alignment, preventing joint contractures and deformity
  • Reduce pressure injury risk
  • Improve internal system functioning, such as respiratory and digestive systems
  • Improve comfort and manage pain
  • Assist sleep and manage fatigue

Individually Tailored

Postural management through the use of positioning aides is not a one-size-fits-all situation. An individual assessment should be completed to ensure the right shape and size of device is used. Incorrectly fitted devices could lead to personal injury or worsening of posture. Postural Innovations have developed a full range of devices and sizes to ensure the best possible fit.